Exclusive Author Interview: Wayne E. Hoffman

Wilma’s Wish: A Journey through the absolute wonders of wishing. Join us as Willie becomes Willie Wish Granter and takes on the task so many people have wondered about, and many people have asked…WHO DO WE WISH TO? Who hears our wishes? Is anyone actually listening? A fun and educational adventure about How to wish, who to wish to, and what to expect from our wishes. Through his adventures Willie gets help from the others to make wishing fun and special for everyone. So step into this magical wishing world, meet Willie Wish Granter and his friends that come along, and learn that someone is indeed listening to your wishes. Find new and exciting ways to wish, and different wish expectations. HAPPY READING, HAPPY WISHING!

Q. Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

Spiritual? No. Hopeful? Yes.  The Willie Wish Granter series was created in hopes to let people know that YES, there is someone listening to our wishes. Yes, they are being heard, and are being worked on.  The Willie Wish Granter series starts with book 1 “Wilma’s Wish” which introduces Willie Wish Granter by asking the question… Who do we wish to?  Each of the book covers has “A journey started with a question” on front, and “A question answered” on the back. hoping that if you ever asked… The Willie Wish Granter series answered your question. Have you ever made a wish? How did you wish? A four-leaf clover, A Thanksgiving wishbone, Blowing out birthday candles, A star in the nights sky, Or any of the other many ways to wish. But… Who did you wish to? Most, if asked would say they wish to GOD.

What if I told you he has helpers for such things such as…
For TIME, There’s Father Time. For WEATHER, There’s Mother Nature. For LOVE, There’s Cupid. For SLEEP, The Sandman. Santa, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny…

WHAT ABOUT WISHING? Willie Wish Granter, Wilma Wishmaker, and the characters that follow… I wish they bring hope to all wish makers especially those among us who really rely on hope in wishes made.

Q. How many hours a day do you write?

The hours with physical pen in hand or fingers typing on keys would never do any justice.  The hours of thinking about what would bring this story to life, how to reach people, and the words that bring it together… is endless.   

I was fortunate to come up with an idea that really connected me, an idea that the few people I trusted and told the idea to, made me believe that I HAD TO go forward with this.  The more I went forward with it, the more I hoped to one day let the world know about Willie Wish Granter and our wishes being heard. The more I went forward, the more I became aware at just how often I hear people saying “I WISH”…  Things like, “I wish I didn’t have to go to school today”, “I wish it wasn’t so cold outside”, “I wish we had cheeseburgers for supper”. These statements now are crystal clear to me… AND THERE ARE MILLIONS OF THEM!

The more hopeful I became, and the further the story reached, the easier it was for me to put together because the subject matter means so much to me as I make many wishes myself.
When I decided to share this idea in book form, I had originally set out to write a book for young adults… Two days later, I was a children’s book and a half in.

A children’s book that children, young adults and adults can all relate with… BECAUSE WE ALL WISH.

Q. Have you read anything that made you think differently about Children Book?

Being fairly new to Children Book, I can say… The more I learn about it, the more I enjoy it, and with the more involved I become, the more special it becomes.

Q. How do you select the names of your characters?

I would like to give a more elaborate answer than “Wishing” begins with a W, and “Wayne” begins with a W… but I can’t  So, I decided to continue with the W flow.

We have Willie Wish Granter and Wilma Wishmaker in book 1.  In book 3 we meet Willie’s brother who’s name also starts with a W, and then we also learn the place where wishes reach Willie’s ears which, yup you guessed it… starts with W.

Q. What is your favorite childhood book?

I grew up being a fan of the Curious George books,  Still to this day, If I find myself in any kind of waiting room and there’s a Curious George book… I’ll read it.

Q. If you had to take a vacation with one of the characters from the book “Willie Wish Granter”, who would it be? Why?

This may be my easiest answer.  Wilma Wishmaker would be my vacationing partner.  Reason being, Willie Wish Granter was designed to be similar to a younger version of me.  Wilma Wishmaker was designed to be similar to a younger version of someone very special to me. That being said, there’s no other character that I would rather vacation with.    I would say that Kevin could join us, but you won’t meet Kevin until book 2 “A ferret and a puppy”.

Q. What’s the common reaction of the reader, about your book “Willie Wish Granter”?

I find that if I have a moment to tell people about my introduction I immediately have their interest, because odds are that person has made a wish or two in the past, and will wish many more times in the future.

I feel that most are excited, maybe a personal question has been answered, and when they read the books and see that I tried to incorporate that pets and animals make wishes too…  they find it cute and fun.

Q. How long did it take to complete Willie Wish Granter book 1 “Wilma’s Wish”?

Book 1 of the Willie Wish Granter series “Wilma’s Wish” came out much different than I had set out for. As mentioned earlier, I started out thinking I was writing a young adults book and before I knew it I ended up with a children’s/family book.  Before starting to write, I had had an idea for a few weeks and I believe the book was mentally written before I even sat down. My best guess is it took about two days to have the core of it to where I was happy, and then maybe two more days of tweaking it.   I must stress that I was very fortunate to have had it come together as quickly as it did, as there are many people who would agree that taking stuff from what’s in the mind to putting it on paper, isn’t always that easily done.

Q. Where did you get your inspiration from?

The initial thought came to me while I was out fishing one day. I was alone at the lake, not a person in site, and I found myself wishing to catch “THE BIG ONE”.  As I stood there talking to myself, I asked “Who are you talking to, Who are you wishing to”? At that moment my mind started to wander, wondering if anyone is listening to me.  Unable to answer that question… I made someone.

I later told a very close friend and was told that I had a very good idea, and I should really do something with it.  After getting the same response from several other close friends, I realized I HAD TO do something about it.  When finishing book 1 and sharing it with people, I was overwhelmed at the response and comments that were given.  Such as… “I have always wondered if anyone was listening”, and “I make wishes all of the time”.

This journey became so important to me, that a lot of giving back has amounted from it.  A portion of my proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and books get donated to places like Dana-Farber, Hasbro Children’s hospital, St. Judes, and places like The Little Free Libraries.  I would also like the opportunity to donate to many more places if asked.

Lastly, I set out to accomplish a feat from a quote that I love.
“A children’s story that is only enjoyed by children, is a bad children’s story” -C.S Lewis

I think I did that, because it seems that adults very much enjoy these books, for we as adults probably wish more often, but try to teach children about hopeful wishing, and expanding our window of expectations of wishes made.

Q. What is your wish for this year?

I wish that Willie Wish Granter can become everything that I see the opportunity for it to be. I see a folk-lore character bringing hopes to millions of people young and old that their wishes can indeed come true.

I see Willie Wish Granter becoming a household name, as everyone in the house including our pets… Make wishes.

I have the want for it to be possible to make huge donations to charities because of a series of children’s books.

About the Author:

Wayne E. Hoffman is not your typical children’s book author.

Having never stepped into the role of writing, he simply had a vision in his mind that he felt had to reach the world.

Having a wish I wanted to come true, I sat down to bring Willie Wish Granter to you.
Join me on this magical journey imagined by this Prison Corrections Officer turned children’s book author, and with me open your heart to a new world of wishing and adventure.

I hope you enjoy my book(s) as much as I enjoyed bringing them to you.
Happy Wishing.

The Willie Wish Granter Book 1: Wilma’s Wish is available via Amazon.