Exclusive Author Interview: Titus Plomaritis

The book “TITUS” has the conclusion of this most exciting football game, in the 100 year history of the Lowell Lawrence Thanksgiving day rivalry!

Q. Only few dares to consider playing football. What do you think is the reason?
The constant negative articles relating to concussions have parents, even former football stars, directing their boys to other sports such as soccer and lacrosse.

Q.  How long does it takes to be really good at football?
I’d estimate that 90% of the good to excellent football players that receive college scholarships start their football skills at a very young age, through the Pop Warner and sandlot leagues with supervision and parent interest.

Q. What would be the learnings you’ll get by being a football player?
It’s interesting how throughout my early years of playing football. I wanted to play more than most of my chums, when it was break time and they were looking for a shade tree, I was looking for someone else to play catch with. That drive led to leadership and determination to strive for excellence throughout my lengthy journey.

Q. As a writer, how can you identify when is the right time to write?
When family members and friends constantly tell you to put those great stories into words for posterity.

Q. What was your feeling after you finished your first book?
Following seven years of writing, rewriting, researching, editing and going though thousands of photos from my photo library, I felt a great deal of satisfaction and relief to finally have the book “TITUS” published, that is 600 pages and includes 250 images that include  photos, news clippings and letters of which many were from the white house.

Q.  If you have a chance to pick a known author to review your book. Who would it be? And why?
Jack Kerouac: He was also a graduate of Lowell High School, my alma mater, and also received a football scholarship, his to Columbia. He’d be in a wonderful position to reminisce and compare his Lowell High School activities, as well as the sundry of incidents covered in my book from the sections of Lowell where he grew up 

Q. Most authors put dedication to their books. To whom would you dedicate your work? And also dictate your reason.
To Claire, my devoted wife, partner and best friend, who was my high school senior prom date in 1949 and the love of my life till the day she passed in December of 2016.

Q. What kind of activity you usually in during day-off?
Family activities while the children were growing up and now with Claire gone and the children dispersed across the country, I enjoy playing golf and Gin Rummy with my friends. 

Q. Do you often find yourself under stress? If ever, how do you handle it?
I am not a stressful person, however when I sense a stress situation arising, I pick up one of my several family photo albums and reflect to all the wonderful times and activities we’ve had together.

Q. Would you consider yourself as a Leader or a follower? Why?
A Leader by example, from the multitude of experiences I’ve had as a follower from coaches, teachers, and other learned individuals throughout my entire journey.

Q. What is the best decision you have had done this year? 
To invite my close friends to my home to share my 90th birthday, September 6, along with my children and grandchildren that came from all areas of the USA, including Alaska.

About the Author:

A true American inspiration…

The embodiment of the American dream, Dr. Titus Plomaritis lived a life of gut tough determination and nose to the grindstone focus. Childhood deprivations were followed by athletic and professional accolades by all who uncounted his passion and zeal for his various endeavors. Excellence was the norm, not an occasional result of his drive. His passion led to a lifetime of pinnacles in all he undertook. Athlete, acclaimed healthcare provider, astute business man and familial bedrock. From start to finish a fascination life well lived.

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