Exclusive Author Interview: Tim Walker

For over the past sixteen years, I have been in the process of writing what God has put on my heart and mind. Of course, with time, both has been through a lot of things, changes of life, but most importantly, the process of being circumcised of the norms of what is being taught in our Sunday schools, pulpits, and the traditions of men throughout a lot of churches. Yes, things have changed, but the core of what was given me is in full labor, ready to be birthed. Well, those days are over; I have to let what is in me out so God can replenish me with a fresh revelation of his Word and plan for mankind. His Word never changes, but it will impregnate your mind to whereby you are in labor pains to birth that which has been given to you. I hope this book will open the eyes and understanding of many, answer some questions, drive you into the Word, and most of all pierce the heart to be more receptacles of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Q. What is the whole point of “Spiritually Circumcise Your Heart & Mind”?
The purpose of authoring this book breakdown the “Traditions-of-Men” being taught as “Truth” in Churches, Bible Studies, and Sunday Schools that are misleading those Christians.

Q. How long does it take to complete your book?
It takes about four months to go through the process (writing, editing, design, and printing) the book.

Q. What makes your work unique compare to the other book?
I get straight to my points backed by scripture(s). There is no denominational influence in my writing, and I give all the references that I used in my conclusion(s).

Q. Did your family support you along the journey of making that book available for the readers?
The only family that was close to me while I was going through this process is my fiancée, and she very much approved.

Q. What is your profound reason to write a book about spirituality?
In todays’ society there are a lot of people who consider themselves as “spiritual” than “religious.” There are many spirits (good & bad), but to connect with God a person’s spirit has to line-up with God’s Holy Spirit. The Renewal is the “Cleansing Process” so He can enter into your life freely, and then “Truth” can be revealed and understood.

Q. How can you identify the right time to write?
When I get a strong urge to do so, and I am at peace within myself to release what’s needed for such a time.

Q. Why is it important for many people to encounter your book?
I believe my book will lead a person to “God’s Unadulterated Truth.” This book dispels the lies such as the Sunday School teaching “that Eve ate an apple.” God is about to do “His Thing,” and if a person has at least some “Truth” it will be hard for them to be misled by the Anti-Christ.

Q. For you, what is the reason why only few dares to write a book about spirituality?
Oh, there are many books about “Spirituality,” but none I have read or heard about can come close to what I have presented to the world. I know my book is short, but it’s loaded with “God’s Truth” that strengthens a person salvation of their Soul.

Q. If you are given a chance to pick a known author to review your book. Who would it be and why?
Joel Osteen, because he is an author and pastor that I listen too on a daily basis for encouragement. I believe if he would read it, and use the “tools” that breakdown the English word(s) to the original language(s) that it was interpreted from and for the subject it was used; then him and I could converse in a positive manner.

Q. What was the unforgettable feeling after you finished your first book?
There was a great “Burden” lifted off my shoulders! Example: when a glass is full and you try to pour more water into it, it just runs off and it’s wasted. I want God to pour more into me, therefore I have to empty what He has already given me, so I can receive more, and it be a fresh revelation.

Q. What is the best decision you have had done for the past five to seven years?
To author this book “Spiritually Circumcise Your Heart And Mind,” my second book “Four Horns That Control This Earth Age,” and my third book “S.N.A.P.! God’s About To Do His Thing.”

Q. Do you practice nature walk?
I have done it, but not it’s not in my normal routine.
Q. Is it beneficial for you or not?
Yes, it is beneficial for me, because I felt more in touch with God’s creation, a sense of relaxation, and peace within. We all need that in our lives!

Author’s Reminder: Remember, Jesus said in Mark 13:13, “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” God is guarantee of deliverance for his children who believe in and on his Son, Jesus Christ, and because of his love (level of victory eternally) that his children may have eternal life with him. Jesus said in Matthew 24:13, “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved,” and the opposite of that statement is “those who do not endure until the end will not be saved.”

The Spiritually Circumcise Your Heart & Mind is available via Amazon.