Exclusive Author Interview: Suzanne Hosang

Shame has always been the “family’s secret,” a taboo subject that must be hidden and never talked about. However, gutsy South Florida author Suzanne Hosang has brought the hush-hush topic to light in her first work “An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol. l”. Nine years in the making, “An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol. 1” is a rousing self-help book that teaches people how to harness their realities and achieve their dreams by tackling shame head-on. Suzanne shares a bounty of knowledge acquired through 21 years of study with metaphysical heavy-hitters Jach Pursel and Ginger Chalford Metraux. The lively anecdotes and applicable techniques stir inspiration and challenge readers to brave that daunting issue of shame. We sat down with the author for an exclusive interview:

Q. Does anyone have a potential to the same thing that you had experience?

I would say that anyone could experience what I experienced from the point of view that what I experienced was the outcome of my relentless pursuit of my spiritual growth. There are no prerequisites for growth except your willingness to want to grow. 

Your spirituality is your relationship with God, with Goddess, or whatever you want to call the All-That-Is-ness around you. Your spirituality is not your religion. Your religion, if you have one is the way you align and realign yourself with your God. Everyone has a relationship with God. Some people’s relationship with God/Goddess/All That Is, is only on Sunday. Other people’s relationship with God/Goddess/All That Is, is never on a Sunday. Come to think of it, on a Monday or any other day of the week. And even though it is nonexistent, it is still a relationship. A terrible one but it is still a relationship. However, as my dear friend and mentor Lazaris says, “Hopefully, you will want to develop a partnership with God/Goddess/All That Is, that is beautiful enough that it can be your priority, perhaps your only priority.” Because, if your spirituality comprises All That Is, then your spirituality is everything you do.

I live my spirituality. So, from the point of view of living and breathing their spirituality, anyone has the same potential to do what I am doing, but they will not experience what I am experiencing because we are each unique and each of us chooses the form of our destiny that we experience.

Q. Does it also consider phenomenon a near or the same thing with enlightenment?

Honestly, I had to look up the meaning of the phenomenon. I think the definition that applies here is that a phenomenon is “an extraordinary occurrence or circumstance.” 

I don’t know what the dictionary definition of enlightenment is—but I can tell you what my friend and mentor Lazaris says it is. That is what I love about Lazaris. Every subject he speaks about goes beyond the dictionary definition and delves into the mystical and the arcane definition.

 Lazaris says, “the enlightened ones know that there are worlds and universes out there more vast and mightier than their own. And they know that there are energies and forces out there more majestic and magnificent than their own. And in their knowing, the enlightened one can receive the benefits, can receive the bounty that accompanies such knowing.”

So why does this happen? If you are not aware that something exists, then you likely can never find it or experience it. It’s that old saying that says, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  It is usually awareness or attention to a thing that gives it dimension and makes it a possibility of becoming real in your reality.  Here, it is the knowing that gives you access to the doors of these worlds. It doesn’t give you the keys to enter these worlds, but you need not go inside. Just by coming to the door of these worlds and universes that are more vast and mightier than our own can lead you to being in the resonance where you can change and grow. You can be the benefactor to receive the gifts just by coming to the door. And why is this so? This is because resonance is an attractor. Everything that we can physically touch and every circumstance that happens is a product of resonance. 

The Law of Resonance says that once resonance has been established, either:

  1. The higher form will move to the lower, or
  2. The lower form will move to the higher, or
  3. They will both move and meet somewhere in between

And that’s why you can be the benefactor by just coming to the door.

But as another old saying goes:

What do you do before enlightenment?

You chop wood and carry water

And what do you do after enlightenment?

You chop wood and carry water

So as the saying implies—you do the same mundane things you did before enlightenment. You don’t sit upon some throne in heavenly bliss playing some harp; however, the difference is—after enlightenment, your life goes from being ordinary to extraordinary (extra-ordinary), so I would suppose based on the definition that I stated what a phenomenon is, it would be safe to say that after enlightenment, a phenomenon occurs.

Q. Did you frightened or scared at the first time you met Lazaris and Galexis?

No rather,  it fascinated me as it was the first time I had witnessed channeling. It all began back in 1990 when my mother visited a metaphysical book store close by. She glanced at a videotape that piqued her interest. In those days it was the clunky old VHS tapes. The title was, “Developing a Relationship with Your Higher Self.” She rented it because the subject appealed to her, and together, we watched it. And that was the day Lazaris, who has since become a dear and wonderful friend came into my life.

And as I write in my book, “The opening scene of the tape depicted a man with white hair and a teddy-bearlike stature. He introduced himself as Jach Pursel, the channel for Lazaris, who is a non-physical being. Jach explained that he would go into a trance and Lazaris would speak on the subject for him. Jach further explained that channeling was transmitting the frequency, and that Lazaris was not in his (Jach’s) body. He gave the example, “Just as when you watch Dan Rather on the evening news, you know that Dan is not inside the television box but is somewhere else. The waves are being transmitted to the television screen. Well, it’s the same with channeling. Jach then closed his eyes and was still. A few moments later he inhaled sharply, smiled, and Lazaris began to talk. Jach’s eyes remained closed and a voice with an accent much different from Jach’s, a rather Gaelic accent said, “All right, we are glad to be here.” The expression on Jach’s face changed to reflect a different personality. The change was ever so subtle. Jach had an ordinary sweet demureness; in fact, he would be a perfect candidate for Santa Claus at a department store. However, as Lazaris, he morphed into a very gentle, sweet, loving, yet authoritative being that was distinctively different from Jach. Upon seeing Lazaris, I remember being affixed to the television screen for the entire three hours.”

I have to say that by the time I met Galexis, I had become so familiar with seeing Lazaris that it was almost been like second nature to me. 

Q. Have you doubted yourself at first for seeing such things?

No. I am an intrepid adventurer who has always sought the metaphysical which posited on a reality outside of human sense perception. As I stated in the first question that you posed to me; The enlightened one knows that there are worlds out there that are more vast and mightier than their own. I have always sought those worlds. 

And as long as the beings from these worlds are benign and loving and of high intent, then their message will be about love. It’s always about love. As Lazaris says, “They always begin with love and they will always end with love.”

And as far as whether I can trust that they are benign and loving, it’s easy. As soon as they are in your presence, you can sense whether the energy feels loving or whether it does not. And if it does not, you ask them to leave. It’s as simple as that. 

Q. How did you come up to sharing your experience through writing? Or is it something that our unseen friend asked you to do so?

Around 2002 I had this burning desire to write a book, and it puzzled me why because I am not a writer by profession. But this desire kept gnawing at me to where when I wasn’t even thinking about it, it was always on the back burner of my mind.

It was as if this dream had a destiny about it, as if it was something that I came here to do. So, I slowly worked on it, I would say on and off for about 9 years and finally in 2011, An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Volume 1 was born.

I understand more, as recently, Lazaris has introduced us to a part of our Soul called the Duende. The Duende is the messenger of our Soul who holds our destiny. So, to answer your question, it was not any of my Unseen friends who asked me to share my experience. I guess instead that it was my Duende who did the asking. 

Q. Who encouraged you to publish your work?

Nobody did. This is a project that I took on by myself because I knew it was something I was to do. But I will say that all the while I was writing the book, I was never thinking I was writing it for anybody else to see. I was always writing it for me, as a tribute for being grateful to have met Lazaris and for feeling so lucky that he had been in my life. I guess I also was in his life as this is not a one-way street. We both Co-created a reality of us being together.

Q. What would be the benefits by reading your book?

The book is a metaphysical self-help book which shows you how you can create your own reality by first healing the blockages that would stop you and the major block that I dealt with is Shame.

Now, why I dealt with shame is because it is so insidious in how it operates. It is what would stop you from creating what you want. 

As the book continues with shame out of the way, it gives you the tools to step into the reality that you want because before; you could not create the reality or it would taint your reality with the Shame.

But the book is so much more than just healing Shame. It also gives you the tools to manifest your reality and as a bonus, you will find out how to step into a Future Self which aligned with your life or Sole purpose. 

I think the book give people hope because regardless of whatever is happening around them, they can create their own reality as it provides them with the tools to emerge in a new reality with a new template installed in them.

When you can take responsibility for creating your reality (and the book shows you how), then nobody can take it away from you. And if you should “lose it,” you can always recreate it again.

And it doesn’t just apply to creating your own personal reality enjoy dealing with a health problem, or a relationship problem or a financial problem, it also applies to dealing with global problems. The book gives people a way to address the crisis of fear and uncertainty that results from whatever personal or global situation that is occurring. It does this by showing them how to take their power back from the situation regardless of whatever is happening around them because like my dear friend Lazaris says, “Nothing changes until you do.”

So, I would say that the major benefit that will get from the book is empowering people to live the life they were born to live. 

Q. Would you also consider publishing and promoting another book of yours?

Sure, why not? Even though it took me a long time to publish my first book, I found it was fun when I really got into it and as long as it is fun, I would do it again. 

Q. What is the great decision you’ve had done this year?

I think I already decided my greatest decision in this year way back 2018 to prepare for this year and the years to come. 2018 was a very pivotal year because it was then that a portal opened giving people the opportunity to step into a new future where they can fulfill their Destiny. Everyone has a destiny but not everyone fulfills their destiny. Last year I made a conscious decision to step through that portal to fulfill my destiny in this lifetime, so what lies ahead for me in 2019 and beyond….Well, I can only say that the skies the limit.

Q. What is far more important to you, freedom or security?

Wow. That’s a weighty question, so let me see how I can succinctly explain my answer. I feel that freedom and security go hand in hand. One is not more important than the other. In fact, one can lead to the other. 

The dictionary definition of security means the state of being free from danger or threat. It also says that security means safety, and the measures taken to be safe or protected. So, security is a protection energy. Safety is a freedom energy and security can lead to you feeling safe which can lead you to feeling free.

As individuals, we take many protection measures to make us feel secure. For example, we put locks on our doors, or we save money for a rainy day, or we take our health insurance in case we get sick. So why do we put locks on our doors? It’s because it gives us an illusion of safety because if a thief wanted to get into our house, he could just break the lock. So, the security measure isn’t really providing you a hundred percent safety, but knowing that you can lock your door provides you with the feeling of safety. It’s the same way when you save your money for a rainy day.  You don’t worry if something unexpected happens. And having health insurance makes you not worry about getting sick because you know that it covers you if it should happen.

So, when you feel secure, you expect nothing bad to happen to you and that will create the frequency of safety. And what is safety? Safety is a frequency. It is an energy that can lead through your intentionality into a manifestation like anything else. And when you get into this force field of safety, it becomes a resonance.

Resonance is a frequency. Frequency is energy. Your emotional state produces the frequency. So, where is resonance found? I find it in our emotional body because we aren’t our emotions (e-motions) just energy in motion? In a frequency of safety, your house will not be the one that the burglar breaks into. He will go to the one where the people are afraid that it will break them into. That’s how frequencies work. It’s like attracting like. 

Anyway, the safer you can feel, the more free your life will be, and that’s what islands of security are for. They take you out of the daily concerns for survival and gives you a sense of confidence and trust that you can handle a situation which leads to a feeling of safety which leads to a sense of freedom where you can do and be what you want to be. 

So, like I said, one is not more important than the other. One leads to the other.

About the author:

Suzanne Hosang lives in Florida with her husband, daughter and a host of animals. Her life was forever changed when she met Lazaris, a non-physical being who reminded her that she is a mapmaker, dreamer and dream-weaver, vision-maker and reality creator. In addition to writing “An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol. 1,” she has her own practice where she has designed signature healings based on what she has learned from Lazaris and others, coupled with the wealth of information she has gleaned on her fascinating journey of self-discovery.

To learn more about the book, “An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol. 1” and Suzanne, please visit her website at www.suzannehosang.com. Also, don’t forget to visit her blog at www.suzannehosang.wordpress.com.

The An Awakening: Mapping Your Dream Volume 1 is available via Amazon.