How you can sell your books in Physical Bookstores and Libraries

Are you looking for good bookstores where you can sell your self-published book? As self-published authors, we all dream of seeing our books on the shelves of bookstores. We picture the thrill of seeing our books on display and imagine the day when we go to the mailbox and find checks with lots of zeros made out to us.

However, getting independent booksellers to shelve our self-published books has always been a stressful ordeal, until now. Selling a vast amount of books online is brilliant, but imagine what it would be like to sell lots of your books inside of real bookstores? Imagine walking in and seeing your book on display. Do you think that it’s impossible?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not that hard if you are targeting the right bookstores. Unfortunately, many authors are targeting the wrong bookstores and continuously getting turned away. Bookstores are still purchasing books. Plain and Simple. Everyone has to make a living in this business, and this is what the independent booksellers need your book to be for both you and them to succeed in selling it.

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