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How to find a Literary Agent for Book Representation

We have one goal, and that is to provide you with a literary agent for representation. We know that self-publishing is a tough task with multiple risks involved. If you can get your published works to the right Book Agent, it can prove to be extremely beneficial. However, which companies should you contact? Would they be interested? That is where we step in to give you a helping hand.

With the advent of the Internet, self-publishing authors have definitely had a lucrative platform to reach out to a broader network, but you are missing out on a significant portion of the fruits of your labour if your book is only available online. If you have approached Literary Agent but not received responses or been turned away, it merely indicates you haven’t spoken to the right one.

No matter what everyone else says, you still may feel that something is wrong. You’ve tried being yourself, and yet you’ve gotten rejected… over and over again. You know that you need this. You should start to focus on what you need to achieve success, and that is a new Direction, a new Map, a new plan of Action. We've gone through the process. We’ve felt your pain, and through this, we have developed the platform that you require to be successful at the highest level. You can’t be in self-publishing forever.

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