Exclusive Author Interview: Robert Maxxim

A novel 30 years in the making, “Legacy” is a story, set in the future, of mankind’s previous sojourns through this and countless other worlds, as experienced by the author. It describes one man’s incredible journey through several lifetimes as far back as a million years, his blunders and triumphs, and the many worlds and places where these experiences took place. The book also highlights advanced scientific and spiritual concepts, written in lyrical, romantic prose. But most of all, it is a powerful love story deeply rooted in his unquenchable, desperate search through the vastness of space and time for his one; his soul mate. In Episode I, the main character, a geologist on Mars, stumbles upon benign underground Martian civilizations and establishes a close relationship with a Martian woman who, unbeknown to him, is his long lost one. Theirs is love at first sight, yet kept secret from each other. Martians, and envoys from other worlds, offer to teach Earth the true science of life, but wicked parties hastily draw plans to deceive and exploit aliens. He holds true to his alien friends and his one, in spite of endless guile. Lifestyles change, weapons vanish, and love fosters on Earth under alien guidance. But his heart must also change by facing horrible deeds he committed in past lives he now ignores. Of these, none compare in iniquity to his role as “The Destroyer” a cosmic oppressor that terrorized the galaxy in the name of an evil space Alliance based in Orion.

Q. Tell us a little about yourself? Perhaps something not many people know?

– I was born in Havana, Cuba. At age 2, I played the violin without instruction, at age 3 piano, and had my first contact at age 5. On July 13, 1973, I had my first astral flight to Venus and Saturn, followed by visits to Mars, Alpha Centauri, and physical contacts with extraterrestrial craft and beings. At age 18, I had my first past life vision. These incremented in time, as well as astral flights to various physical and celestial systems, scientific and historical downloads, and Akashic lectures for other individuals. The Legacy book series is a compilation of these experiences in novel form that include evidence. The first of five Legacy episodes, The Search for Love, was published in 2014. Other episodes have since gone to print in three languages.

I have degrees in Education and Information Technology from the British Western International University, Music from the Havana International Conservatory, and major studies in Physical Science, Cosmology, and Theology from the California State University. I do not claim to be a master, leader, advanced being, or seek money or followers. I offer my conferences for free because information is the right of all, not just those who can pay for it. Having experiences is likewise everyone’s right, except most don’t pay attention to such talents due to wrongful beliefs and material desires.

Q. Have you written any other books that are not published?

Episode III will be going to print in November, followed by IV and V in 2020. A scientific thesis on consciousness and contact was submitted to Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s FREE organization and accepted for publication. This thesis will become its own literary work consisting of dimensional mathematics, to be offered in 2021.

Q. What do you think about the ebook revolution?

It is a wonderful way for works such as Legacy to be made available to the public for little cost, thus reaching the world electronically minus shipping and printing costs.

Q. Do you still write? If so, what does your typical day look like?

Endlessly. Information arrives at all times, at work, driving, writing, and of course sleeping. Writing is a way of sharing lessons received and learned with fellow beings on this, and other worlds.

Q. What is something memorable you have heard from your readers/fans?

It is most comforting to hear partakers of the Legacy experience, and videos produced, that they have seen or been in these places. Had the information not been published, they would not have known it to be fact. Also, the information has helped them have experiences themselves, something they did not think possible.

Q. What makes your novel took 30 years in the making?

The level of human care, attention to precision details, and information that continues to be received and add value to the literary effort. In addition, evidence gathered to confirm the legitimacy of Legacy’s information was not easy to find. Archeological, historical, theological, and scientific information, especially confirmation of inter-dimensional scientific concepts, took a very long time to refine and validate. An entirely new set of mathematics had to be developed to explain Legacy’s concepts. Most importantly, the lifestyle, beliefs, and mannerisms or other worldly beings had to be represented absolutely perfect, requiring much review and “feel” through.

Q. What are the beautiful views of the other world that you have seen before?

Both in Legacy and the website are pictures and videos of other worlds that include Venus, Mars, Alpha Centauri, Magellanic Clouds, Orion, Sagittarius, and many others that most people would not be familiar with but reside in celestial rather than physical dimensions. There are also depictions of civilizations on Earth dating as far back as 260,000 years.

Q. Do you think each of us is capable of visiting the other world?

Absolutely. Physically and mentally. For either, it is necessary to achieve a level to mental compatibility with the ways of these other worlds, for even the least developed would be hundreds of thousands of years more advanced than ours and their mental faculties are not only telepathic but also multi-space-time conscious. In other words, residing mentally not just in the present but multiple timelines simultaneously. Such presence would not give us comfort but rather fear and defensiveness. Hence, we must develop these faculties in order to have greater contact scope.

Q. What is the typical sign that we could expect once we meet our soulmate?

That you’ve known this individual forever and it feels … like you. What they sense, you sense, and vice versa. You feel complete, mentally super charged, and in the best friendship you can imagine.

Q. If a person happens to be misfortune seeing his soulmate in this lifetime, do you think the universe would find a way to make them reconnect in every possible way?

Soulmates, and life in general, exists simultaneously in higher dimensions. Meaning, who you are here, you are unaware of the fact that another “you” is coexisting within your same soul in other dimensions. These are states of consciousness. For example, anger is another you, fear is another, astral travel is another, these are just simple examples of millions of different beings that are you, simultaneously, within you. Not parallel universes, no, but states of consciousness within the same soul. This I mention because, in higher conscious states, you and your soulmate are “one.” In this dimension, you are separate entities. Therefore, soulmates are always connected, though you are not aware of it. Meeting in this physical dimension is not a good idea for developing beings because, if one falls, it could take the other down as well. Normally, soulmates back each other up, reason they don’t meet that often but it does occur when it needs to. Once soulmates “union” in the physical, then they can meet more often.

Robert Maxxim (1957-present) was born in Cuba, moved to the US in 1969, and grew up in California. After studying music, science, and religion, he devoted his life to write about his sleep-time visits to other worlds and alien craft encounters, highlighting life’s true virtues and purpose. In 2014, he published the first in a series of five Legacy episodes, “The Search For Love,” followed by “The Unholy Menace.” His books have earned industry acclaim, making frequent appearances in news, radio, book fairs, and conventions.

The Legacy: Episode I: The Search For Love is available via Amazon.