Exclusive Author Interview: Jayne Mcgregor

Arianna Spinelli is a single mother of two teenagers when she falls for Nick Caravelli, a handsome, fun-loving surgeon. Although neither of them wants a serious relationship, Nick soon purchases a diamond ring for Arianna. After she moves in with him, Arianna believes she has finally found her happily ever after. Unfortunately, she could not be more wrong. Soon Arianna begins learning disturbing details about Nick and his past. His life is like a daytime television drama. Not a day seems to go by without some disaster occurring around him. If it is not his volatile work environment, then it is his ex-wife and children. As one dark secret after another is brought to light, Nick’s ex-wife and her attorney begin cooking up a scheme that ultimately leads Arianna down a dark path to a place she never believed she would be: the inside of a jail cell. Now all Arianna can do is hope that one day she will be rescued from the effects of a corrupt judicial system. Endless Days shares the gripping crime tale of a middle-aged mother’s journey after she is sucked into a blind love that carries her into the darkness of corruption and injustice.

Q. How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

I have one in the FBI series that is not quite ready to be published called “Bizarre Events” and I have started another of the FBI series and have given it the title “The Hitchhicker”

Q. Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

The first book I wrote under a pin name was guided by God in an effort to try and save an innocent woman from spending her life in Federal Prison for a crime she did not do

Q. How do you select the names of your characters?

I try to select names that suit the role of the person I am writing about.

Q. Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?

I wouldn’t call them ‘secrets’ in the book I wrote that is true. They are facts, and if the real person happens to read the book he/she may recognize themselves. In the FBI series I tend to use some of my own experiences if they fit into the story.

Q.  What are your favorite literary journals?

I like reading adventure/crime stories and some romance. As far as literary journals go, I didn’t give them much thought until I became a writer myself.

Q. What was the hardest scene upon writing the “Endless Day”?

When I had to describe the scenes where Arianna was beaten. She would never hurt anyone and the beatings were for no good reason at all.

Q. Is there any chance for the “Endless Days” to have a part II out of it?

If there is an attorney who is not afraid to fight the corruption of the judicial system I would like to write a sequel to the story and have a happy ending.

Q. What makes you decide to pick-up such an intense type of genre?

The story “Endless Days” is true and it is about someone I love very much. As far as my FBI series goes, it’s what I like to write about, and I watch TV shows and read books that of that Particular genre.

Q. If you are in the position of Arianna. Do you think you can get out from that nightmare?

Arianna is a very strong woman, even now with having been isolated in jail or prison for going on five years, she is frustrated with the slow movement of the law, but she is hopeful and she is strong. I will fight until I die to help her out of her nightmare in hell.

Q. What makes your book different compare to the other books out there in the same genre? 

I really couldn’t say what makes my book different. I think a book whether it be true or fiction is only as good as the author writing it. You need to pay attention to details and emotions so the reading can immerse themselves into the story.

The Endless Days is available via Amazon.