Exclusive Author Interview: Iarn Pernell

This book describes how we’ve all been brainwashed, in fact blackmailed into living a reality that exists only in our own mind; our “personal” reality. It gives intricate “proof,” through examples, resulting from the authors’ 37 years of experience, and explains how the church has manipulated the purely natural human emotion of fear, to blackmail mankind with a belief in their god, using the “wrath of God,” to instil fear. The Sun is the power of life on Earth and, as believed by now-ancient civilizations, “astrology” was overtaken and all but destroyed by the church. The Sun gives the energy responsible for everything that manifests in life and, in fact, life itself, and this book gives “proof.” For too long now, man has lived in fear of the “wrath of God” for living against the church’s impossible laws, created to blackmail mankind’s mind, using fear, to ensure adherence. For the past two-thousand years, we’ve lived with the false belief that, “it’s all in God’s hands.” with the church abusing fear to blackmail humanity. IE. “Believe or else.” The European inquisitions is but one example of the absolute power and control the church demanded. But absolute truth can never be altered, updated or changed, for to do so is to manipulate the truth with lies for selfish purposes. “The unquestionable laws of God” are in a constant state of change. Astrology has never changed over the thousands of years that man has been recording the movements of the stars, and it’s provable. Science is the new God, as the science of astrology takes its rightful place in mankind’s evolution according to the age of Aquarius, replacing religious, unprovable speculation, with proven, scientific facts, which is beyond religion. This book is a guide for the age of Aquarius. The age of Pisces, of religious “belief,” is over, as the age of Aquarius, of scientific, proven “fact” unfolds and overtakes man-made religion.

Q. Why do you think the astrology is more significant than to so called God and Religion that they know?

I don’t think, I “know” astrology’s significance, as it is a “provable” science, and “tangibly” proves itself on a daily basis, whereas God and religion are based on mere “belief” and can never be tangibly proven with concrete, provable evidence.

Q. If “Strewth the Bloody Truth” was rightly position in the crowd. What would be the impact of it to the masses?

The impact on “everybody” who has read the new edition of my book has stated, “You’ve really opened my eyes. Thank you.” So if mankind was aware that, as Buddhism teaches, “EVERY ACTION HAS CONSEQUENCES,” people would finally wake up that whatever they do to others, whether that be positive or negative, they are creating their own experience as the consequence of those actions and would thus stop creating such negative consequences for themselves in the future. The church unsuccessfully used blackmail to “try” to control us.

Q. If this book has the influence to change the mindset of humanity. What would be the negative outcome of it?

In light of what has been stated in answering Question No. 2, I foresee no negative impact on man’s actions, because we’d realize that “what goes around, comes around,” both positive and negative, so we’d simply avoid being and doing negative actions toward others, realising what we do go others we do to ourselves.

Q. Would you consider yourself as an Atheist?

The word “Atheist” has a dubious meaning. I’m an atheist as far as the church’s “God” goes, but as the ancients once had it, the Sun and planets can be seen as “Gods,” for they emanate the energy that governs all life on Earth.

Q. If these common beliefs have failed in the past for the benefits of humanity. What would be the best approach that we need to implement?

The only way to prove “anything” is to show, with tangible proof of the matter in question. I’ve predicted in “STREWTH THE BLOODY TRUTH” that between January 7th and 14th next year, only 3 months away, the Earth will experience great financial turmoil, and the 13th will be a day when it’s quite possible the stock-market will either crash or go through a crisis. That, my friend, is “tangible” proof.

Q. What did you learn upon writing this book?

In writing this book I proved that “nothing” is what we’ve been led to “believe” and that, despite any medical specialists predict as the result of his past experience, never accept a medical prognosis. If you’ll read my 3rd, corrected, updated and added to, edition of “STREWTH THE BLOODY TRUTH,” which I uploaded below, you’ll understand what I’m saying. IE. After my motor bike accident, specialists told my parents I’d spend my life in a mental institution, be paralyzed for life, would never talk, walk or even think for myself again. HUH! I’ve written a book no other human has had the intelligence to write.

Q. What inspired you to write about this controversial book?

My inspiration to write this book came from my endless questions, how a “LOVING GOD” could allow such misery, starvation, poverty, and animalistic behavior to exist in a “PERFECT” creation. And how a “LOVING GOD” could blackmail his people to believe or suffer eternity in Hell. That’s definitely not loving. That’s an emotion and emotion belongs to “physical,” biological creatures. This “God” is supposed to be in the “ethereal” form, so how can it have any emotions?

Q. What is your message to humanity and for the future generation of it?

My message to Mankind is this. We’ve been manipulated and blackmailed by the church, via their ridiculous religious doctrines, to give ourselves, our money and our possessions to feed their lust for power and material gain for long enough. That it’s time we started living according to our “feelings,” which we have a perfect right to do, and stop inhibiting our “natural” expression, which only leads to poisoning our body with emotions that are destroying our bodies and creating poor health conditions that wouldn’t exist if we released, rather than blocked our negative feelings. Once we fully, consciously realize that whatever we do to others is what we are doing to ourselves, the human race will treat others as we want to be treated and until that happens, we’ll all continue to reap whatever we’ve sewn, whether it’s positive or negative.

About the Author:
I’m well aware others have had it much worse than me and I wouldn’t change a thing in my past, if it meant inhibiting the cleansing of my negative Karma, but my life has been a traumatic one. Having an alcoholic father with a temper like no other, I would be physically abused at the slightest provocation, and a loving mother who was restricted from showing that love by my father’s fear of appearing “the ogre.” Thus, living without the love I so yearned from both parents and two brothers, I grew to believe I was unlovable, which manifested as a life of belittlement and humiliation; forever bullied and mistreated by family and those who claimed to be my friends. I even forfeited my life for a woman who fell pregnant against my wish; thus, I lived at the behest of other’s selfish designs, with her stealing everything I had in life, including my 2 daughters, resulting in my becoming self-reliant. At the age of twenty-nine, I was introduced to astrology, which explained why my life has been such a battle for survival. After studying for some time, being astounded at the accuracy of this most ancient science, I soon became obsessed with this “truth”concerning life. My negative experiences led me to question God’s existence, resulting in the scientific facts given in this book. Truths that amaze others with uncanny accuracy, simply by a birthday. One certainty I’ve learned about this time in our evolution: shit happens, then you die, and I’ve written a book that explains why.

The Strewth the Bloody Truth is available via Amazon.