Exclusive Author Interview: Gabriella Eva Nagy

Gabriella was born and raised in Hungary. She always enjoyed finding visually stimulating and educational ways of reaching out to children. Gabriella earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Technology, and then she graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a major in Computer Animation and Multimedia. She uses her talents to reach the world of children to reflect values that are eternal.

Writing and illustrating for children is like stepping into a new dimension, a world full of imagination and colors that transcends time and space.  I hope that we will take this wonder-filled journey together!


In this Exclusive Interview, Gabriella shares his perspective as a Children Book Author and her inspiration.


Q. What pursued you to write a children’s book aside from your desire for visual experience through pages?

The inspiration to write was the interpretation of the visual. My first book, “Lady, Lady, Ladybug…” is an illustrated journey of a ladybug. The story and the words are the core, yet with the illustrations they become a dream-like experience — to feel, to imagine, to explore and to expand— transcending time and space, letting the reader experience the journey.


Q. What are the common ethics that you follow when writing children’s books?

The ethical values are based on biblical principles: love, peace, and hope. The value of creation, and that all things work together in harmony, and the hope for the future where all the living will share eternal love and peace. I would like to capture the moment of tranquility, serenity, and mutual enjoyment of all created things surrounding us by the presence of God and nature.


Q. How do you cope up with the lack of interest to keep writing?

The expression of the heart is like a fountain, a natural source springing from the soul. In a way, it is an everlasting desire to give, to share, to express and to find a way to communicate from soul to soul.


Q. Are your works based on your wants or your readers’ demands?

The massage that I try to communicate comes from inspiration, therefore I express my impressions from the inside through words, and my artwork.


Q. In writing a children’s book, what are the essential factors one has to consider to catch the audience’s attention?

Words and images that capture their imagination, when they see, feel, and experience.


Q. Are your characters based on the people you know personally?

The amazing beauty and wisdom behind all creation is my inspiration. Therefore I try to capture the joy, and the unique qualities of each character by observing natural surroundings.


Q. Are you keen on the technicalities of your book (e.g., places, terms, etc.) even if your audiences aren’t knowledgeable enough on understanding everything on it?

The books I write and illustrate are based on imaginary events end places. I try to capture the moment frozen in time and space.


Q. What differs your book from other books with the same genre?

As each flower and snowflake is unique, we all represent a world of our own, a reflection of our souls. All together we create a reflection, like a rainbow.


Q. What inspired you to write this book?

ENCHANTED RAINBOWS is a heartwarming visual representation to say happy birthday to someone we love. I am mesmerized by rainbows, not only because of their beauty and grace, but also because they symbolize the promises of God, and the hope and love for the future. The spectrum of the rainbow with the brilliant colors of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and violet also reminds me of our differences in nationality and tongues, yet together being the perfect reflection of God. Writing and illustrating transcends time and space. Enchanted Rainbows is a special birthday wish from me for everyone. I would like to extend an invitation to the Miami Book Fair International 2019 where I will share the book Enchanted Rainbows as gifts as an expression of my gratitude to God.


Q. What are the things/places/events that you could associate with this book that might help the reader quickly understand the whole essence of the story?

Enchanted Rainbows is a heartwarming birthday wish, a journey through splendid rainbows among dancing butterflies, colorful frolicking fish, playful pink flamingoes skipping over bright rainbow rays, graceful swans gliding through the splendid rainbow bridges, gently floating jellyfish and starfish of the sunlit ocean, rainbow-colored seahorses, spirited dolphins zipping around the brilliantly gleaming rainbow, delightful whales flipping and twirling and thousands of butterflies fluttering among the glittering pearls at the gentle rays of the sunset.


Q. What are the values and moral lessons? Does this book provide to the reader?

Enchanted Rainbows reflects values of eternal beauty and grace trough creation and love.


Q. In your perspective, is visual representation more important than the content itself? Why?

The visual and the words go hand in hand not only by complementing each other, but rather fulfilling the massage.


The ENCHANTED RAINBOW is available via Amazon.