Exclusive Author Interview: Barbara L. Davis Preslock

Our Little Family “Trouble” is a true story about a family trying to cope when one of its beloved family members is arrested. Due to a bizarre set of circumstances their son, a practicing Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, finds himself far from his Florida home, in a New York prison. This story chronicles the family’s internal struggles and overall well-being, as well as the physical impediments they experienced brought on through the Courts and state legal system. Yet with all this turmoil happening, the author quickly notes the many angels present who helped, and are still helping, the family through their difficult times. Although this story is not fully complete, the events that are laid out on these pages will tug on any reader’s heart strings and show how perseverant the love of families can be.

Q. As a mother, what’s your favorite thing about being a parent?

My favorite thing about being a parent is you have endless loving and teaching opportunities.  These opportunities abound throughout every day and don’t just stop when your children are grown.  They are always your children and you never tire of helping them in every way.

Q. How painful it was when you heard that your son put into the prison?

The pain was excruciating and inexhaustible.  So much horrible time went by before learning anything about the whole situation.
Only when our incredible attorney became involved did we finally find out what was happening.  Thank you so  much for that!!

Q. Did you blame yourself for what happened to your son?

The thing I blame myself about the situation was that I didn’t become more involved earlier.  Not living close to him we were not able to see the day to day changes happening.  He had several friends involved and one was a doctor so by the time we were really involved, everything had happened.

Q. What were the unforgettable moments of you and your son together when he was a child?

There are so many unforgettable moments during his childhood that were wonderful.  I could go on forever about them.  I so remember one time being called in for a teacher’s conference and she said two little boys were fighting over who was Billy’s best friend.  He had told them they both were because he didn’t want to hurt either one of the boys’ feelings.

 Another time is when he was picked by his school to go to Boys State in Tallahassee.  His dad had to come to a banquet to accept all of his awards and accolades for his performance in school.  He couldn’t ever sit down long enough until he was called up again to accept another award.  It was awesome.  Billy missed it all because he was in Tallahassee.

 Billy was also picked to go to the Florida All-State Singing performance.  Only two students were picked from each high school in the State of Florida and he was chosen because he had perfect pitch in his voice.  He once played piano at the Grand Cypress Hotel in Orlando and garnered a standing ovation.

Q. What is the best thing about being the mother of a brilliant Psychiatrist?
When he applied for his medical residency program in Hawaii, there were six hundred applications and only four were picked.  He was one of the four. He spent five and a half years there and surfed every chance he could.  His favorite spot was called Gas Chamber.  It was right next to the famous Pipeline. 

While in his residency program in Hawaii, he was awarded Resident of the Year for Adult Psychiatry and Resident of the Year for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  Those are just a couple of the accolades he earned while there.

We can forever ask him a medical question about anything and he can always answer it.  He has a wealth of understanding of medical knowledge.  It is truly profound and intellectually deep.

He has always shown great respect for his dad and me.

Billy caught a fish out of a lake in Georgia on our property at the time we owned it.  It was so big we took it to a taxidermist and had it mounted in our hallway.  It will sits there today.  I can send you a picture of him at the lake with it but I don’t know how to send it on the computer.  I can send it to you through snail mail.  There are so many pictures of him and they were lovingly taken and lovingly looked at often.  There are feelings of pride and joy in all of his accomplishments.  There are just too  many to mention.  He have so many plaques it would blow your mind.

Q. Life might not be easy for you. But what is that something that you keep holding that makes you keen to face the future that lies before you?

Life is much easier for our whole family these days.  He has been home from New York now for eight years.  He has worked several positions not in the medical field because his license for medicine has been revoked.  He is now in courses studying Bioinformatics which involves gene therapies and climate capturing approaches in developing microorganisms.  This will use his medical knowledge and incorporate computer programming, specifically artificial intelligence.

Q. If you would be given a chance to go back in time, will you take that opportunity?

As time has passed and things are so  much better, I would never want to go back.  It was too terrible and truthfully I don’t know if we could have made a difference sifting all of the happenings.  If I knew that I somehow could have made a difference, yes, I would try.  Who knows if the outcome would have been any better.  We had so  many angels that helped us along the way, I would be afraid to chance that happening again.

Q. After all of the experiences. What would be the best advice that you will share to future parents?

Never give up hope no matter what is happening.  Everything in the legal system takes so much time and patience may become a very important virtue to develop.  It’s the most difficult thing – just waiting, but sometimes life makes you do the impossible!

Faith is ever important also.  It can take you through hell and bring you back out again.  Never give up!!

Q. One last thing. What is your message to those readers who bought a copy of your book?

We desperately hope nothing ever happens to anyone like this occurrence.  If anything at all from reading this book, I hope it gives you strength and the will to persevere.  If we hadn’t, who knows where “out Little Family” would be today.

About the Author:

Barbara L. Davis Preslock has been married for twenty-five years to her loving husband, and has two children as well as one granddaughter. She attended Marjorie Webster Junior College in 1969 earning a degree in Secretarial Sciences, and then graduated from Jacksonville Business College for Court Reporting/Stenotype Machine in 1970. Barbara worked as a Court Reporter for forty years, and has been a resident of New Port Richey, Florida for twenty-three years. She is a member of the All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasco County Pediatric Foundation, Daughters of the American Revolution, P.E.O., and United Way. In her spare time Barbara likes to sing, play tennis, and go on family vacations. This is Barbara’s first published novel.

The Our Little Family “Trouble” is available via Amazon.

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