Exclusive Author Interview: Anya Stassiy

Anya Stassiy, practices medical and aesthetic dermatology in Brooklyn, New York. With both of the main protagonists’ jobs in the medical field, it is clear the author knows medicine. She also really knows how to write as Eyes of Amber confirms. It is a superb novel, blending drama, romance, mystery, suspense, and history in a wonderful story that is mesmerizing from the beginning.

Anya Stassiy talks about inspiration, the writing process, his latest novel, and more.

Q. What pushes an individual to write?

I can’t speak for anyone else but me, but one day a story formed in my head and I just needed to put it down on paper. It was exciting, it was a very new experience for me. It made me think and it challenged me, and I enjoyed the process.

Q. What is the writer made up of?

I am as a writer is made of experiences that need to be told, emotions that need to be described, words that need to paint a picture for another person to see it.

Q. What was the last book you’ve read before deciding to write in this type of genre? How does it affect your style of writing?

I don’t remember exactly the title of the book, but it was the first in a series of romance novels, and it was on the New York Times bestseller list. It was OK, predictable, and I felt I could write a better story.

Q. In which aspect of your personal life do you relate the characters?

I work in a medical field, and a few of my characters in the novel Eyes of Amber are physicians, so I had an opportunity to tell a lot of my experiences in medicine through them.

Q. Which scene from the book were you having trouble writing?

I didn’t have such trouble with this particular work, it flowed.

Q. Do you prefer to travel when you seek inspiration to write, or would you rather stay home and read novels to find a new writing style?

A lot of my ideas come to me when I am driving. I have a long commute of about 1.15 min, so I get to think a lot.

Q.  As a writer who’s ideas were mostly fictional, are you an idealist? Or you live by the rules of realism?

I am pretty realistic, but I am an optimist by nature.

Q. What private and personal belief do you have in your life?

What is meant to be will happen when it’s the right time.

Anya Stassiy was born in Kazakstan. She is the oldest of two children. Anya graduated from New York Institute of Technology with B.S. in Physician Assistant studies in 2007. She practices medical and aesthetic dermatology in Brooklyn, NY. Eyes of Amber is her debut novel, but she also has several articles published in various medical journals. Anya lives in NJ with her husband and three children.

The Eyes of Amber is available via Amazon.