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We serve Authors- those ready to transform their writing career and build relationship with readers that they love.

As a team of brand expert, strategic thinkers, and marketing experts, we lead our clients to target literary agents, Hollywood executive, retail and everything in between.

Our goal is to establish an honest, direct and fruitful relationship with you and offer you the opportunity to access established book agents, Hollywood production companies, and individual book buyers.

Why Choose Goldman Agency? – We have worked with 1000+ authors and have successfully promoted thousands of literary fiction, general fiction, arts and crafts, biography, autobiography, health, business, cooker and children’s fictions books, so you can rest assured that no matter your genre, we have the expertise needed to represent your idea.

What Can You Expect? – By choosing Goldman Agency, you will have a whole team of dedicated professionals at your disposal 24/7. Your goal becomes our goal and we will never settle until the desired result is reached. Whether you want to see your book turn into a Hollywood blockbuster or reach the shelves of all bookstores in the world, Goldman Agency is your best choice.